Tuesday, February 1, 2011

13 Cool Things to Do with Snow

Yep, that is about all there is to play with outside these days since we have well over five feet of the white stuff accumulated outside.  It's been a record January in Connecticut, with the most snow fall ever in a month's time!  There is so much snow out there, it's hard to walk in, especially for my 3T-sized little Budder.

Beaner showing off our huge mountain of snow and our new toys.

This makes for quite a dilema when you are a mom who insists on spending time outside everyday.   Luckily, with all the snow also comes a  host of new opportunities for fun.  Case in point, we have two eight foot piles of snow at the top of our driveway, which have become our awesome new snow slide.

It has been especially tough with the all the snow days we have had lately. The kids are rammy and need a way to blow of steam so I keep figuring out new ways to engage them outside in the snow.  Because I know many of you are in the same situation, I thought it would be helpful for me to share with you what we've been doing to rid ourselves of the the indoor itchies (as I like to call them).

1. Making snow angels is always a big hit!
2. Dig tunnels into the snow and build a snow city.
3. Create a personal snow mountain and play "man/woman on the mountain."
4. Similarly, use the snow mountain to make a slide or "ski" run.
5. Dig holes in the snow and observe the blue light and look for the snow fairies that created it.
6. Create a snow fort by piling snowballs to form a wall.
7. Get out the buckets and shovels from summer and play with the snow as if it is sand.
8. Build a snowman, of course!
9. It doesn't just have to be snowmen, how about snow creatures like a dog or deer?
10. Play snow tug-of-war --- the losing team will crash into a soft pile of snow!
11. Build an igloo or snow den and decorate it with leaves and branches.
12.  Jump from snow covered rocks or even the edge of a terrace or deck into soft piles of snow.  (Safety note: check to make sure there isn't a hard surface or sharp edge under the snow into which children are jumping).
13. Make giant snowballs.  Hold a contest for characteristics such as the largest, smallest, roundest and bumpiest.

What are your family's favorites things to do with snow?


  1. Good list! My 3 year old only last a few minutes out there, but my 9 year would love a lot on this list. Do you think shoveling would make #14? :)

  2. Make snow ice cream!!

  3. hang out with a bunch a peers, go camping - build a quinzee!

  4. My son certainly love it when there's snow since they can play with it. Thanks.